The Power of PowerPoint

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The Power of PowerPoint

Getting great ideas into fruition is often limited until the vision is shared with decision-makers and management. So how do you make your ideas stand out and resonate with your audience? PowerPoint mastery to the rescue. With the tips and features in this article, you can become the Hemingway of corporate storytelling with slides

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Its all about the story

Nothing has changed since kindergarten, people still like stories and ones with interesting pictures are always better. The content of your presentation is always the top priority and it should be created using descriptive simple words and lots of effective pictures.


Stories should be captivating and forward moving. Establishing baselines can help to ensure that the audience is captive because even great sides get boring after the 50th meme.


Guy Kawasaki, offers the ten, twenty, thirty rule. No more than 10 slides in a presentation. No longer than 20 minutes for presenting. And use at least 30 point font in your slides for readability.


John Zimmer then helps us to refine our slides with the one, six, six rule. Only one idea encompassed on each slide. No more than six bullet points on a slide. And, no more than six words in a bullet point.  

Know your features

Rely on experts before you. Microsoft PowerPoint has a lot of great tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

What have been your greatest presentations to give or view? What made them memorable and what actions did they drive? The tools are here to bring your ideas to life, find them at and good luck PowerPointers.


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